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Three Business Ideas

As the days go by in this class, after hearing so much about entrepreneurship and making businesses, I've started to put real effort into thinking of ideas that can launch off. Once I started thinking of them, thoughts started to pour into my head about each one. Is it even feasible? Do people really want it? What if someone has done it? These are just some fears that I've learned that I need to power through to get something done. Here are three ideas that have popped up recently.

My first idea is one that I think would benefit students all around. There are many online tutors that can help you out with your school work. My idea is to have a service that has on demand tutors ready to help you, using a website with a sharable canvas that both the tutor and student and work with. Think of a whiteboard, but on a website. The student can explain and draw or type out their ideas, and the tutor can draw or write things to help them out, circle parts of a problem, underline importan…
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My Expectations for our Entrepreneur Class

My expectations coming into this class are very high. The ideal of entrepreneurship, or more like becoming an entrepreneur has been a dream of mine since I was a child. While that dream has tapered off some as I grew older, I hope to ignite a drive for invention and success. Regarding the classwork, I expect a great explanation as to what it takes to become an entrepreneur, the steps to take to get started, and all the work that needs to be done before even getting started. I don't expect this class to turn us all into successful entrepreneurs right off the bat, but to instill us ideals to prepare us a bit and for some instill a drive to learn more. Looking forward through the curriculum, I can see that we will be tested on numerous things, and we are expected to have a large engagement in the material we go through as well as the guest speakers. Guest speakers are something I am excited for, as we will throughout the quarter be exposed to a number of different perspectives and s…